The City of Indianapolis is proposing to put a BlueIndy station on Oakwood Trail.

The Wildwood Board of Directors are opposing this proposal for the following reasons;
1.)Wildwood does not allow commercial businesses in our neighborhood
2.)The yard nearby in which they want to put it is where children play ball
3.)This is a high accident area. A car was hit 5 times over the past 20 years parked in that spot
4.)We have enough problems with cars and parking
5.)We get nothing out of it
6.)Residents close to the site don’t want to look out of their living room window to stare at BlueIndy cars. Neighbors who will be right in front of the station say it will ruin their view.
7.)After they put up all the electrical outlets for the cars, it will make mowing and snow plowing much more challenging and probably more costly. It is very likely that our mowing vendors will raise their prices because of this. Our snow plowing may make it impossible for the cars to get out.
8.)It will make bigger traffic jams during school bus hours.
9.)It will attract Wildwood outsiders into our neighborhood
10.)It will reduce property values in our neighborhood.
11.)About 40 percent of the traffic that uses Oakwood Trail is shortcut traffic from Coffman to Georgetown Rd. We don’t need more traffic.
12.)The Board does not think that Wildwood would contribute to BlueIndy rentals. Most residents here have their own cars.

Click the link here to see where the City want to put the BlueIndy station

Come to the Wildwood Board meeting at the Clubhouse on Oct. 20th at 6:30 PM and voice your opinion. A representative of BlueIndy will be there to answer your questions and take your comments.

Your input is important to the Wildwood Board of Directors. The only required information we need is the drop down opinion field and your email address. We need your email address so that we can respond to your comments if necessary and to also prevent multiple entries. Your email address is considered very private and will only be used for Wildwood purposes.

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